Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ESPN doesn't care so much about the Spurs

It's really not as much of a secret anymore that national opinions or feelings on sports subjects are shaped by ESPN. If the term "juggernaut" applies to anyone, in the sports world, ESPN is the one. So, it really shouldn't be terribly surprising that, upon the night of their third NBA finals berth in five years, ESPN would have the top story and the centerpiece photo treatment with Kobe Bryant's face and his puppeteering of the media as the dominant story.

The funniest part about this is that, even though the Spurs just won the Western Conference ̶ the better conference according to almost everyone ̶ the flip-flopping fate of the Los Angeles superstar is the biggest story by far. Actually, the funniest part about all this is that the Stanley Cup finals beat out the Spurs in billing. Up until about 11:45, they didn't even have the main video on the right-hand side, it was dedicated to baseball. Simply amazing. If there was ever an accurate indication of national opinion on the current state of the NBA playoffs, this is it.

National viewership of the Spurs has become so disenfranchised, the guys who supposeduly represent it don't even see their berth into the penultimate contest of their sport as the second-best item on the page.

UPDATE: 1:30 p.m. Thursday:
The day after? No mention whatsoever on the main ESPN page.

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Joe Ruiz said...

What's even funnier about it is the network broadcasting the game.

Krupt said...

Not 100% relevant but interesting and kindof relevant anyways.